Monday, 23 April 2012

I want a multiple twins!

I would like to have a twins someday. Not because a baby is not cuter than twins babies but it doubled or triple the fun and excitement. Although twins will give extra cost than usual, it is really worthed since we will suffer more to get the good repay more.

Furthermore, in the God's willing.. any kind of twins will be given to a family such as identical twins or fraternal twins. For me, personally, I would love to get identical and fraternal twins at once (so greedy ^o^). So, I might get the chances for getting baby boy and baby girl at once etc.

Why I am desperately want a twins that I would read anything about twins and how to get it?
It is because of:

1) Just pregnant once.

2) Just giving birth once.

3) Raising babies at once.

4) Suffer in raising the babies only once.

HAHAHAHA.... in simple words.. It make my life easy!

So, tata..

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