Friday, 14 November 2014

Can we fall in love this way?

Hey guys,

I always wonder, if you guys have any answers, do shared with me. :)

Can we ever fall in love in different way? Like in reality not just a movie. Maybe just a glimpse from dream, maybe just from the diary or maybe just from the way the person talks make you happy. Just out of no where, no official relationship, not friends or not strangers just a person you just know, no way of contact or no way we can know what is the other person feels. SO can we just fall in love without a good solid reason?

Even only encountered several times or maybe just once. Even both are not in the same league. Even it seems impossible, is the person missing you like you missing them? or thinking the way we do? Or even the love songs and stories seems logical to you.

Ever thinking why someone is missing from a sight.

What is it being call? Random Love, shall I call it this.

Can we fall in love this way?

p/s: I wonder, will someone has this kind of questions right now when reading this.


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