Friday, 27 February 2015

If I have Indonesian name or chinese name?

Hey hi,

When ever I accidentally watch Indonesian Sinetron a.k.a Indonesian drama, [my late grandma loves Sinetron and we are being forced to accompany her to watch it too T^T] sometimes I wonder, what if my dad gives me some indonesian name and my mom gives me chinese name. What will be my name then?

I used to talk about this matter to my mom when I was 17 during the SPM era. know when your mom taking too serious on your study and you try to be changing her mood and start to talk random to distract her?  My mom said that my name will be just Zainiza Chong not more not less. Having the surname will be more than enough to have chinese name. Hahaha.. That's why my mom have a very short name --> Ajijah Chong! But I prefer other name, maybe like Zainiza Chong Ling Ling? Hue hue hue.. I used to have a bestfriend name Ling Ling when I was in a kindergarden. So that would be an idea to have her name. LEL

Or maybe if I got traditional chinese name like Xueman? Tzeling? Yienjing? (Are these names even exist). But it won't happen so I will consider it to give to my childrens when I have them in future. HAHAHAHAHA..

Okay back to the indonesian name, my indonesian families call me Nisa(They like to call me this) sometimes Lisa(I think they mistaken Nisa as Lisa). But I prefer Lisa more than Nisa.. ^^

I can conclude that my name could be some sort of Lisa + some indonesian traditional name. So I talk randomly to my cousins about this in a questions if I have indonesian name. My cousin sister,Nia bluffs this out "Like Lisa Surihani?". I quickly said, "Not like actress name pleaseeeeeeeeeee". Then my cousin brother come in a response in a laughing manner, " I know! Lisa Sukahati!" [Sukahati in english means whatever]. Hahaha.. we laughed way too hard together after that.

But I think of something nice like related to the new president of Indonesia --> Lisa Jokowidodo.. Hahaha.. is it cool? or maybe if it will raise a controversy I might want my name to be Lisa Heryantisukmakesari. Woahhhhhhhhh... cool yo!


Then what if my parents maybe back in 1994 want these names to be given to me? :D I think they will give me a very long name --> Zainiza Lisa Chong Heryantisukmakesari!!!!! COOL! Then I might ask people to call me as Kesari~~ Ngahahaha... you guys ever wonder what will be your name if this scenario happen to you? ;)

Have a nice nameeeeeeeeee....


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