Sunday, 6 December 2015

Selfie for december 2015!

Hey hi!

Gosh it's december and soon will be 2016, time really flies so fast. I just can't believe it. LEL. The term used by a lazy person.

However.. I set a new record! I maintained my IQ or raised it a bit. Muahaha.. Does it means my EQ getting down? Nah.. I hope no. But I want to share my selfiessss..

Haha..want to hear a story behind this?

As you all might know, I am a Dayak Chinese with mixed of many breeds (too much). But some people tends to have mis-race my face. Mis-race like you guess the wrong blood there buddy.

1. My mum's friend said that my face looks like Indian. Like where the Indian face suddenly emerged? I mean gosh, I got not even a drop of Indian blood. Interestingly they said that my face slightly assemble to the Kapoor sisters (Karisma and Kareena). Muahaha.. Seriously? But hey, you get the star face so you get the stardom. :p

2. When I went to this occasion, my auntie's friends start to chit chat, gossip and whispering. Glad they were not smooching, that would be awkward! I overheard, "Who is that arab mixed girl next to you?" I were next to her obviously. I might know where this come. I got this brownish (if I may) natural eye lid. It likes you putting on simple brown eye make up on. And it gives my eyes a deep contour.Perhaps that one!

3. The non stop westerner face look a like. I admit that most of my face during a childhood does look like one with addition of super big curly hair, yellowish+brunette colour, pale skin, freckles and light brown eyes. But in my adulthood..hahaha, my hair getting its curls only to its end, just brunette with no yellowish colour, a bit tanned but still fair, less visible freckles and not so light brown eyes, people still call me a mixed english heritage. Even my friend's mum said, "Hey lets take a picture Siti, oh this english daughter, it's been a while". Hmmm..strange isn't it?

Anyway, I never care less caused my god~, you can play any ethnicity you like! You got it, you play it! I used to play that I'm a mixed english at supermarket, they just like nodding seriously and start to converse in english for the full period! The best part, I were treated like a tourist. *Slighlty flips tudung* Wow, I guess my acting helps as well!

About 2016, I want to share my new aimsssss. But the day after tomorrow will be my exam. Pray for me guys. Wish me luck. Okay here are mine:

1. I want to do LASIK
2. Body tonning
3. Fully business+investor+trader woman! ;)
4. Perhaps getting married. Lel. Or simply I want to build a family. MUAHAHA..



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