Thursday, 5 January 2017

When you still love him

Hi, it's random. So you shouldn't take serious about it.

Well, when you are still loving that person though you move on and get a new life, it's a lie that you will forgot that person totally right? right?

Like, if you have this time alone for yourselves which you are not in connection with people a.k.a isolate yourself or self centered for a time being, your deepest mind will come out. I might believe it. But I personally choose not to believe it. Lel.

It goes like this, how on earth that you can dream that person when you don't even think of it? I mean I do stop the stalking thingy and try only to focus on myself. But why on earth that I dreamt about him every single days? Like come on.

Then I start to do this yoga posing and meditate. Pray too of course to get answer. But..hmm I seem not having the clear answer yet. Why I dreamt about him? I try to forget him as hard as I could. Sigh =..=''. But honestly it kills me. HAHA.. not literally.

I even forced my self read all kind of factual readings but why is he even still in my dream. EVERY FREAKING DAY! Dude you are not factual being. OMG! I'm kinda stress. However it makes me want to meet him. Okay die. Lets die in peace. XD

To be truthful, though I don't want him (because this is moving on suppose to mean), I think that it will still break my heart to million pieces if he get married to someone else. Haih.. what a pathetic. If I can turn back time, I will probably do this two options - avoiding him or just forced him to do as I please. HAHAHA.. okay cut the crap.

Lets move on. Take a deep breath let it slowly on your left nostril only. Can you try it? Haha. Shut your mouth and close the another hole. >_<

By the way, I shared a picture here. Hehe..

Okay peace! Let it too bright as my life will
be this 2017. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

That's all for random entry. Tata~

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