Sunday, 1 December 2013

The magical friends.. ~[=o=]~ ~[=_=]~

Hey ho..

Today I want to share a story about another magical story in my life. Wossshhhhh~ Okay I don't want to mention any names because my friend will curse me into something weird. She'll turn me into a frog princess, that of course it's hard in this modern day to find a guy who is normal to kiss Miss Froggy~  Hahahaha..Back to the real objective.. The story begins:

Just back then, she was calling me..
suddenly she felt very guilty because whatever she said..
it'll become true...
and it happened to her friend, which the boyfriend of her friend..
got another woman..
back then, she was just joking while saying,
"hehehehehe, what if your boyfriend got another woman"
dushhh, the loyal boyfriend got another woman..

What am I worried about is that..
past few weeks, she did mentioned this,
"hehehehe, what if your crush actually have a child already which he didn't realise before"
dushhh, my heart beat faster...

I am not afraid because of this small thing...
but what if it's true~

She really got 'mulut masin' in Malay language or in english literally 'salty mouth'. Yeah a bit weird. But the meaning of 'salty mouth' means that anything your say, mostly it'll be true even you are not realising it. Even when you meant for joking! See~ what if my crush (actually a celeb crush) really got a child which he doesn't even realise... Oh Noooooooo~

That's a reason why she's a bit of magical thingy friend even she said it's just a coincidence. Hue hue hue.. But if you requested something for her to say about you or anything. It will not worked out. Sorry guys, the magic is limited. Hee~

By this virtue (heh heh heh), I think I should move to my another celeb crush. HEEEE~ I just do it for precaution in case I would be in absolute heart break hearing his news. BUT I got my own magic too~ It's simple, I got repellent magic. Hahahaha.. This magic is too overly special because everytime I wish so hard about something even I am confident about it, it wouldn't happen. IT WOULDN'T!!

Hee, happy much.. Hope that my repellent magic can overcome her 'salty mouth' magic. :D

Hence, if you see both of us, I am the witch of breaking your dreams and she'll be your witch of nightmares. Weeeee.... sounds so cool~ B-)

Heh heh heh..  Should go now..Tata~

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