Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My current picture March"15

Hey hi guys~

Remember my previous entry that I did mention I'll share my current picture whenever I feel like I am beautiful? Hehehe..

This time, I'll share the before and after effect of my picture. There is reason why I edit my picture because......I am taking a selfie at handphone/gadget shop. Not intentionally, my background was full of promotional banners of telecommunication services, latest handphones and tons of handphone covers. It looks like that I am working there. =..=

And yes, there were two girls asking me 'how to renew sim card'. Which I don't know that we just can renew our sim card just like that. They THINK I am the worker too! (T^T)

But but..I am taking selfie, I supposed to be the customer too right~ If I were about to work there, I won't take selfie and playful. I am a very dedicated hard working responsible worker. Haha.. Unless if there is no customer to entertain, hmm I might do more than just taking a selfie--> Napping!


Nevertheless, I do think the effect is super cool. Lel.

That's all. Tata~

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