Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Personal Aim of 2015 [HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME]

Hi people,

Like usual, every March, I'll make sure to schedulize my entry specifically for my Birthday. Of course 10 March will be special day for me - it also means my off day. By the wayyyyyy I am 21 this year. Heeeee.. Finally I am an adult! I can start to vote. LEL.. I probably won't vote because when will it happen again? I maybe forgot to vote when I waste my 21 year old fingerprint to vote. HAHA.. You know we only get too over excited on voting when it comes to 'finally you can do it' age.

Usually 10 March I'll off my phone and hibernating for one day at my room. Hmm maybe not fully hibernating, maybe just go to pray-sleep-drink-snacking-repeat! This is my time. Remember that every March will be my meditating month, so don't ever find me. XD

Okay finally I can avoid all the Birthday Celebration intended for me~~ Heeeeeee... after years attempt failed, finally 2015 I can have my birthday in peace and calm (Okay I know this is being schedulized but I know it will happen this way. I am at my Kampong - no body will know about this. HAHAHAHA)

But for my wish this year:

- I'll try my best to make my eyes become much better! I got trouble with my sight. Come on! I can't even see well during night, during afternoon and most of the time especially without spectacle. My God! Okat that's ,maybe too being hyperbola! XD

- I also will try my best to improve my health. (Don't ask. Heh heh heh)

- AND to make myself at least 168 cm by this end of year. I admit that I am obsessed to be tall. Let me be honestly open in very crystal clear (Hey this is my confession!). Actually my targeted height will be 175 cm. But...........I hope it won't appear like a skinny slacky sick anorexic person. Now I am 16+ cm <(^_^)v. I got several cm to go till end this year~~ Hahahahahaha.. still it is a secret. I'll be open when I reach my target ya. ;)

- I want to be much FAIRER like I used to be. (T^T) I am getting darker because of the laziness using UV protection. Hey.. it is not that I hate to be darken skinned but the problem is.. I look like an IRON MAN when I..........okay you know the rest!

- I want to maintain my original hair colour! I am actually.....[Hint: It is not that dark black metal. LEL] (okay I know you guys can't see it. HAHAHAHAHA..)

- Be like a truest lady~ Simple saying -> Stop to be a non mature girl. I am 21 this year :D

- Lastly..........in this 2015 okay till 10th March 2015, I'll make sure I'll increase my IQ by 10 at least in offical way. HAHAHAHA.. I hope I can reach at least like Einstein's IQ Hohohoho.. (*_^)

Before I end this entry, I like to share my Birthday Song. Ngahaha.. you can say Thirteen send it to Me. :P The song is It's Your Birthday by Andreea D!!!
I love it. <3 <3 <3

That's all~

p/s: My current picture? Hmmmmm... Let me take the mood to be pretty before share it to you guys. Haha.. [ Description: Everything look normal only I got doubled chin suddenly even I am maintaining my weight. What happen? Hope it will go during my 10th March]

Tata fellasssss.. <3

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  1. U taknak layan lagu dangdut ke?
    yang tgh femas skrg? sakitnya tuh.....