Saturday, 16 May 2015

How to pronounce "Lel", "Harplue plue plueh", "Hue hue hue" and many more?

Hey hi guys,

I know some of  you guys might feel so weird coming to my blog learning that I used a lot of unidentified emotions into words. Haha.. sorry but the fact is that I really used this in real life.

Not just into text or blog. Like SERIOUSLY I talk like what I did on typing thingy. Cause when I make the sound, people will understand me but how when it comes to words? You might think I am this weirdo trying to communicate with you using the most random alien words ever. Hehe, then lets go through the list!

1. LEL

This is the same as LOL. Where it supposed to be originally as the Lots of Love but I don't know when it turns into Laugh out loud. I still use LOL for Lots of Love but in addition of <3 emoticon next to it. Haha, I am afraid people will take it wrong. That's why I differentiate it with LEL cause LEL you literally said it with 'e' sound. SO it makes funny face when you speak the word. Haha..

It likes you try to squeeze out from your mouth. Another variation I can see from the LOL version will be LULZ. Got it?

2. Harplue plue plueh

Yes this is kinda alien to me too! Haha, I will only used it in a very random emotion when I pretend to be a giant octopus to my sister. You know when you are ballet-ing and move your two hands squeaking around. You know right? Haha..

I still did this but much more rarely than ever. Duhh, it hard to get this happy emotions when you become much older. This Harplue plue plueh sounds like "haa-plu-plu-plu-eh" in slowly motion. Hehehe.. this is got no meaning but only to a happy octopus feeling~

"~" this character is my little happy octopus feeling! You will manage to see it from entire my blog if you got the chance.

3. Hue hue hue

This is the version of Hew hew hew but with cynical little evilish laughter that mean no harm. Cause hew hew hew for me is too girlish or sweet. Don't mistaken it with Huhu. I don't use Huhu. I know people used Huhu to show sadness. But how can my sadness as Huhu. I don't literally said Huhu when I am sad. I burst out into tears. HAHA..

Hue hue hue sounds like this "huwee-huwee-huwee" almost simliar with Hew hew hew sound.


This two is totally different. Haha is when I am happy or feeling the feel of happy. Meanwhile the NGAHAHA is my total laugh out loud with a rolling back and hurt at the stomach. Yes. With NG in front is like opening my throat widely open and so fluffy happy!

And I am really saying Ngahaha in term of "nnngggHa-ha-ha". The "nnnggg sounds sometimes visible and sometimes not". LEL It is involuntary action caused by the pressed/stressed of stomach while holding back my laughter.

5. Tata

Tata is bye-bye. When I text with someone I personally know I will used Tata. It means that you are my friend and I feel like that you are so sweet. Lel. Mainly I am older than my friend and of course much older than my juniors. That's why I used Tata. But with older people I don't used Tata, I used Bye or Bai or just simply used "Okay thank you, Good bye, Take care, God bless, Good night, Have a nice day or see you".

Hehe I am formal to people who are older than me or just have a little respect a bit even I am in term of friend with older people. I might jokes like crazy with older people but I still treat them in different way. (Okay what's with this topic suddenly?)

In real life, I still used both bye and tata to say good bye!ANDDDDD I have this weird octosweetfeeling bye waves while using tata. LEL I don't know why on earth I did that. I also used it at blog caused I got attached feeling with my blog. LEL!

Okay that's all. I will update it when I know what is the missing emotions being left and lonely. LEL.


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