Friday, 14 August 2015

Innalillah to my dearest auntie - Babu Lela

Assalammualaikum everyone,

Today is supposed to marked the 52nd birthday of my dearest auntie,Babu Lela which is the younger sister of my mother, but Allah loves her more and taking her by side.

For two Aidilfitri in a row was unfortunate for our big family by losing my grandma on 3rd August 2014 and losing my auntie on 2nd August 2015. Not long after the lost of our grandma, my auntie got sick continuously.

During 2 months prior to her last days, we always rushing back and forth from Limbang-Miri-Brunei in jugling with our daily routines and checking on her. Alhamdulillah, almost all of us were there to be with her and I managed to take care of her in hospital on her last day. It is still unbelievable that she's actually really gone for good. It takes till today which suppose to be her birthday to finally accept her death.

Of course it always sad to let our loves one go. Especially when you know they love you too.

The most right is my auntie. This picture is taken
on our last year Raya together on 2013 when she is
still able to walk like normal people did.
She is being hospitalized so many time at RIPAS (Brunei) and finally having her last breath at there too. Now she's being buried with the presence of lots of our extended family members at Kg Pulaie, Daerah Brunei Muara, Brunei Darussalam.

This is when she is almost being buried at Kg Pulaie
Muslim Graveyard

Right: My another Auntie, Babu Amsah as the
youngest sister watering the grave with water that
mixed with several types of flowers.

For whoever still alive, appreciate someone before they finally gone and be thoughtful when it comes to people behaviour. There must be a reason for someone is being depressed and sick, be the kindest person that help them not be the cause.

Do good deeds, left the bad deeds.

May their soul rest in peace, Insha Allah.Hope you will pray for her blessing and peaceful in the another life.  May Allah bless them. Aamin.

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