Monday, 7 September 2015

Edit, Upload and Embrace.

Hey there,

Last two days, 5th Sept 2015 was my sister's convocation day. So I managed to take the advantage to look pretteeeehhhh and asked my brother to snap me in the spot! mom's photobombing me. Hehe, hey remember that we used 'interframe' instead of 'photobombing'?. Then there was this Indian guy accidentally photobombing too! Heh heh heh.. Hey why not let me have the spot alone~~ :p

So here are the pictures:

Original with added TM. Hohohohohoho..

READ the RED words. :P

TADAAAAAAAAA~~ after blurring and 'blackishwhitish' the background. Heh heh heh..

AND, I edit this solely using Paint.Net. Lel don't ask me why caused I got stuck with this Paint.Net a.k.a my favourite picture editor since I was in Foundation. Beware MMU future students, you'll need to learn this subject. :D It's good though.

That's all, Tata~

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