Friday, 29 January 2016

I love Green actually.

Hey guys..

I've been to Japan and I love it!

And it's just the way that I've imagined since a child. So to bring back the memories at Japan, I snap a picture that have the Japanese feeling. <3
Not that simple to go to Japan so many times, I need a companion!

SO I CHOOSE...ALAMANDA PUTRAJAYA!! Not all that place have bamboo. It situated near the entrance that close with a clinic. How should I explain this? Hmmm you go to exit next to Aeon. There it issss~

It's nice rightttt. I am not gaining weight, maybe a little but it was the angle make my cheeks so "bam-bam" a bit. Hehehe..

Go visit Alamanda Putrajaya and enjoy the bamboo. Hehe..

I really love that greenie thingy, natural japanese thingy.. I love nature so much. So guys (include women of course), please bring me to this sense of place when you want to bring me for a walk. Pretty please...

Any kind of nature will be good to. Maybe beaches, forests, lakes, rivers..and the list keep going and going~ And please if you need to bring me to this greenie thingy, please take my picture. <3 Haha..


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