Friday, 29 January 2016

Siblings day + cousin sister at Sky Park & somewhere else too~

Hey hi!!

You know when that time after having a fly on the air, you just need to rest? Nope. It's always go to eat and whatever your siblings want to bring you to. Hey I mean it's not my first time at here BUT I will be always forever a tourist! Weee..

So I share some!

What the? Hahaha..

Okay this is my sister. ELDER SISTER! Same like
the blue monkey? Hehehe she's born on monkey year of
chinese! Lucky for her this year!

My cousin (right) and I! I love big shirt .. <3 <3 <3

Hehehehe I am the sister of blue monkey. I am the
brown monkeyyyyy...

I was waiting for my food. Mee mamak and Nasi Goreng
Ikan Masin. Spicy of course! Extra chillie pleaseeeee...

Sky Walk <3 !

Ohmy..why I am so serious~

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa.. I took this piece!!!


Japanese look sister. Puih.. HAHAHAHA

Tadadada.. I took this too! 

What is the most important thing in all of these photos? No edit babeh~

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