Saturday, 6 February 2016

To be or not to be a solo traveller?

Hi guys..

I want to go travel like really bad. I did but not always.

I mean come on! I've always wanted a travel to a far, far away kingdom- alone. But it worries me a lot since I am a woman-muslim woman to be precise. Eventhough I am used to travel alone, but it doesn't mean that I'm flying alone all by myself. The farthest one will be my alone flight to Japan, but hey my sister is waiting for me over there. So not really!

And the problems are:

1. I am a woman. Ever heard a solo traveller being caught up by lots of rapist? That's what makes me worried like mad! And ever heard of a guy being raped too? SEE.. there's not so many safe place in this earth. Everyone just corrupted with sick mental illness spread by explicit videography. Sigh..

2. I am a muslim. I am proud to be muslim, but don't get me wrong. Islamophobia is a disease created by anti-muslim that pretended to be a muslim and did a terrorist attack across the globe. It makes us, the real muslim being terrified by people who try to condemned us thinking that we are the terrorist. Even in our country, the religion issue still a hot topic to mention. Gosh, how people can distinguish us for being a muslim and that pretenders. Read our Quran and you know that the terrorist did the opposite. So they are not muslim!!!

"Never judge a person by his clothes. And make a general out of it"

3. No companion. I might have lots of friends and family members. But doesn't mean that they have the time to travel or can't afford to have one. Usually, I'll let them choose the destination that I suggested early and pick the date. So, they can do a saving for trip. I guess there does not have the will and take this as a non important to-do list, they just dump everything in the middle of the plan.

Wow, what a great plan! Why I am dissatisfied? They always buy unnecessary things!!! HBDKSBJKD!!!Who the heck brought new phone covers every month? Who the heck brought dresses that you never wear? See-No money management dude.

I guess I have to get married fast and furiously with a guy who loves travelling as hobby. But most importantly, got his enough well managed cashes and assets. Lel. And also, another important thing, to get married to a guy that certainly can be my BFF! Best Friend Forever!!

It would be much fun when you are having a relationship that not based on romantic-ship. Lel cause I am a no-no romantic drama person. It makes me having goosebumps~ Just be a friend. Period. Haha.. Again, I might considered a real best friend-girl best friend to travel along with me. :D

If I've succeed to be one, I'll definitely make a book bout it. Guess who the writer is? "Thirteen.P" Hehe..

Wish me all the best!


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