Saturday, 26 March 2016

Amber - Borders Finally a fully english song by her!


I want to share a song from Amber F(X) which called Borders. Hahaha yes I know you might think that I will share a Kpop song but this is way beyond better. It is in english, a fully song that being sang in english yo!

And I'm totally in love with the song cause it is not about love, it is more to find your inner self. Which of course you need to fight your way to make yourself shine. Etc etc etc.. I will share the video and you can read the lyrics provided in the Music Video (MV).

Well if you don't want to read it, you might as well as listen to the song! Again the MV is in english. I repeat - in ENGLISH. (Hahaha I know I sound excited!!!!)


It's good right? And meaningful as well and if someone that defy my will, I will sing this song to the rap to the ballad to the bor~bor~borders to them! Yeah you get it right!


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