Monday, 25 April 2016

I love to play tourist. But..

Hey hi guys,

I think some of you know that I love playing tourist. Hehe.. Sometimes why I love to act as one? Simply I make my disadvantages as my advantages. How did I do it? YOU SHOULD TRY IT OUT TOO!

- I got different slang and different words arrangement-
People might think I'm weird. But when I go to Malacca (I lived there about 2-3 years) where people don't know me, I did this very curious face and automatically the friendly people will tell me more about Malacca where should I go and what to avoid.

Well..well..At least I have lots of new knowledge and make a bargain out of it. Thanks Malacca friendly people!

- I always mistaken as a foreigner-
This is way nice. Since I am using Bruneian Malay slang in daily life, I sometimes just pretend I am from Brunei. Muahaha.. But sometimes it is not that best to pretend as one since they think all Bruneian are super rich and charge more. Or they just simply telling me to go expensive shopping and so on.

Hey, even super rich Bruneians love eating traditional Brunei food and still go out like normal people!

Another thing, I just don't know why I am always (consider as always) being mistaken as Indonesian beside Sabahan (yes Sabahan have similar accent like Bruneian on some part). Like really? But it is nice, I got treated lovely. Hee~

Anyway, the favourite place will be --> Airport <3 Muahaha

There are so many people over there and it is always hard to distinguish Malaysian and foreigner. So what I always do, I will ask people where did they want to go. When I want to purchase things, I speak "London" Hahahahahaha.. Nah.. Joking!

This is me playing tourist. And make that
glorious posed of "Just touch down - Malaysia".
No one knows me~ So I can do it freely! Weehaaa..
I am manly woman, yes I am. I am manwoman or womanman
or manmanwom. HAHAHAHA.. okay the cut the crap!
When I am with someone else, then I will play tourist. When I'm alone, I just play a Music Video scene in my head. XD I will ask that someone takes my picture, read map together, go to information centre, looking at the transit station like it is our business and do more weird gesture. Haha.. I mean come on, I enjoy it so much!

And it is funny when a Malaysian themselves being this super friendly and help us all the way. Thank you so much! Who said that Malaysians are not friendly? They too are super friendly! The best part, this police officer offer his help when I didn't notice a police officer was nearby. My bad! I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to play tourist with you but with another people.

I was so afraid, I refused the help. But he insisted. Well story shorted, it all went well. Lesson: You better watch out any authorities nearby. ;)

Hahaha, guess not only me that have this habit! Right? Hey anyone please commit it if it is also you! We are friends for tourist play! XOXO

That's all for today!Have a nice day!

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