Saturday, 17 June 2017

When we just fall in love

Sometimes in relationship we just want to be happy. But someone always tell me that relationship is like a real ship.

You are sailing to the ocean with waves, storms and lots of unpredictable conditions. Sometimes the weather is just nice and sometimes it's the opposite.

Whatever it is, you always want to stuck in a happiest moment for a little bit longer. My story, I never want to enter 2017 where all the truth being revealing.

Though I hate lies, I crave for more of it. Specifically a period of time when we just fall in love each day without thinking there's a big tornado going to hit the ship.

Exactly when I start to learn what is love. Trying to learn more love which eventually make it grow bigger. It opens widely the close door which is so tightly sealed for years.

It was the happiest moment. In that moment too, I learned to love without looking for face, physical, money and pretty much everything. Just solely focus on the feelings.

In all those moments,

I wish we are still talking about your job as Keria seller
I wish we are still forcing our eyes and ears to call every day and night
I wish we are still enjoying our day out
I wish we are still eating together enjoying our foods

We are happy tho we couldn't sleep well, just walking to random places so that we could have more time together..

We are happy tho we just eat simple food and sitting down in the field with no luxury..

That's what it takes to be happy. Just a very simple life without thinking lots of things. I really miss it a lot.

Unfortunately time reveals the real stories. Time make us forget. Time changed us. Time eventually forcing me to do unexpected things.

Time also awakes me that love is true when you love yourself and open your eyes widely. My body, my soul and my love now is once again tightly seal as it was before but much stronger.

For love, it destroys.

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